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Javelin OTE 800 Gram Men

Javelin OTE 800 Gram Men

OTE javelins are handmade in the USA with precision to the closest tolerances allowed by World Athletics.

OTE headwind version is ideal for 'power' throwers who lack perfect technique but make up for it with strength and torque. OTE tailwind version is ideal for 'finesse' throwers who lack high outputs of power, yet throw at a high technical level. New carbon javelin has the quickest dampening rate on the market which means a longer flight with little to no vibration.

OTE Flex Ratings and Actual Throwing Distance

  • Under 150' = 7.1 Flex
  • 150' to 190' = 6.9 Flex or 6.7 Flex
  • 190' to 220' = 6.7 Flex or 6.3 Flex
  • 220'+ = 6.3 Flex or 4.4 Flex

Nordic Javelins are also available

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