About Us

Get your equipment from experienced throwing experts, ready to help you get the right equipment for your needs.

Throws Pro (Thrower X Pro Shop) was launched by Scott Cappos, a former professional thrower that coached for 25 years in the Big Ten Conference (Iowa and Nebraska). His athletes won over 50 Big Ten Championships, broke national records in five different countries, and competed in several major international competitions including the Olympic Games.

Throws Pro wants be the single point of contact for all of your throwing needs; whether you need advice on what equipment to purchase, want assistance with facility design, or if you just have questions about how to throw far; we are here to help you.

Throws Pro has provided equipment to just about every major college program out there, several professional athletes (including multiple World Champions), and hundreds of high schools.

Throws Pro is a certified Gill Athletics Dealer and often works with different companies to get the best deals on the equipment coaches and athletes want. Throws Pro has developed partnerships with many of the top brands in the throwing world including: Dominator, Fibersport, Gill, Nemeth, Nishi, Nordic, Polanik, and Walshot/Walshammer.

Let Throws Pro be your throwing go to company!

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Scott Cappos

  • scott@throwspro.com
  • (402) 318-1070 

Nash Oven

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