Discus Selection

Discus Selection

There is a misconception that the most expensive discus with the highest rim weight will travel a greater distance for all throwers; this is simply incorrect. 

Beginning throwers should use lower rim weight implements because they cannot rotate the discus off the hand fast enough. A lower rim weight discus will not spin as quickly, but the flight is more stable and consistent.

More advanced throwers should select an implement with a higher rim weight to release the discus with more rotation. Each thrower should experiment with different rim weights and discus types to find the ideal implement.

Throws Pro has a list of recommended discuses based distance, however, every thrower has a different style and the best discus for each thrower varies.

Women 1 Kilo

Under 100’       

100’ to 120’

120’ to 140’


Elite (165'+)

Boys 1.6 Kilo

Under 120’       

120’ to 150’


Elite (180'+)

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