Jumps Pit Rake Finisher

Jumps Pit Rake Finisher

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  • Easy to use lightweight aluminum construction
  • Custom made to fit each pit
  • Quick release for ease of storage and movement
  • Handle can be customized with school name or logo
  • Rubber blade is "quarry quality” for long wear and does not allow sand to stick to it.
  • Blade length is designed to keep sand in the pit
  • Blade can be adjusted for heavy or light sand
  • Works equally well in dry or wet sand
  • 2.3 design is custom made for covered pits with recessed sand levels
  • Lower grips allow for easy removal and replacement when the pit design requires it
  • UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene washers allow the handles to move easily and is extremely wear resistant
  • Order form and artwork required with order
  • Made in USA

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