Sprint Training Plans Book
Sprint Training Plans Book

Sprint Training Plans Book

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Sprint Training Plans Book 


Speed workouts for track and field will include several factors for the coach and athlete. Everyone is looking for the magic workout or the one key to success in the top programs.

Acceleration versus Max Velocity

Acceleration is the ability to move from a resting position; measured by a change in velocity per unit of time.

Maximum velocity is top end speed. The highest velocities in training for a short period of time = absolute speed (USATF, 2015).

Weekly Training Outline and Guidelines

  • Monday: acceleration training (high intensity)
  • Tuesday: recovery/easy day (low intensity)
  • Wednesday: speed training (high intensity)
  • Thursday: endurance/general strength day (low intensity)
  • Friday: acceleration or resistance runs (high intensity)
  • Saturday: speed endurance (medium intensity)
  • Sunday recovery

Running speed is a combination of stride length and stride frequency. Both stride length and stride frequency are dependent on the anatomical features and physiological state (metabolic, muscular, and neural) of the athlete.

Acceleration mechanics and maximum velocity sprint mechanics are different movement patterns; training must emphasize the proper running form based on the training objectives.

Acceleration is associated with stride frequency and horizontal force.

Maximum velocity is associated with stride length and vertical force.

114 pages

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