Javelin Nordic 60m 600g Women
Javelin Nordic 60m 600g Women

Javelin Nordic 60m 600g Women

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Great all-round javelin that is suitable for all conditions made from metal alloy and aluminum. Requires some capacity, both technically and physically with the thrower.

 World Athletics Certified

600g RATED Best javelin for under $600

Approximate Distance Ratings:

  • 600g = 60m

600 gram = Flex 7.9

The Nordic 60m 'Master' is the best all-around javelin for throwers past the novice level over 40m (130').

NOTE: A softer javelin is recommended for less skilled throwers to learn the release mechanics and allow more room for error at the release.

Flex Ratings range from 12.1 to 6.1 (the higher the flex rating the softer than javelin)

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