Javelin Viking 800g 60m Men 800g by Nordic

Javelin Viking 800g 60m Men 800g by Nordic

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Nordic Viking is a solid javelin made of metal alloy. Recommended for throwers in the 45m (150') to 58m (190') range.

Approximate Distance Rating:

  • 800g = 60m

Flex Ratings range from 12.1 to 6.1 (the higher the flex rating the softer than javelin)

800 gram =  Flex 10.4

The stiffer the javelin, the less it will flex/vibrate in the air and will result in less air drag. The downside is that it puts much more strain on the upper body.

A soft javelin flexes/vibrates a lot, which can also be a very good thing if you are less skilled thrower.

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