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Combo: Shot Put & Discus Throw Book and Javelin Throw Book

Combo: Shot Put & Discus Throw Book and Javelin Throw Book


The Shot Put and Discus Throw Coaches Manual is the ultimate guide for throws coaches with over 200 pages of valuable coaching content. Full color version.


Technique breakdown, teaching progressions, event specific  exercises, variable weight implement methods, pre-made training plan for each event with 20 week programs.

Sample: Glide Shot Put

The purpose of the glide shot put is to enable the thrower to get in an optimal power position and delivery position with more velocity directed into the shot than from a standing put. Gains of 10% to 20% from the standing throw are expected with an effective technical glide.

Glide Shot Put Technique Start

The thrower faces the rear of the ring in an upright position with the knees together; the left foot is placed slightly behind the right foot at the starting position. Most of the bodyweight will be on the right leg, with minimal weight on the left foot to maintain balance in the starting position.


Technique breakdown, teaching progressions, event specific  running exercises, event specific medicine ball throws, pre-made training plans for multiple training cycles. 

Strength training, plyometrics, medicine ball throws, multi-jumps and throw combination exercises, and running workouts designed for javelin throwers. Full teaching sequence with logical progressions design to peak when it matters most.

Sample: Javelin Throw Approach

The approach is the number of steps or distance before the javelin is released.

The approach is designed to create horizontal velocity and momentum that will be converted into the implement at release. The goal is to release the javelin with high velocity at an optimal release angle. Maintaining good positions during high speed movements will be critical for optimal performance.

Novice throwers start with 5-8 strides, and more advanced throwers use 14 plus strides in the javelin approach.


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